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Ukranian National Association Savings Program

CCM Staff

Welcome! National Discount Networks is pleased to partner with the Ukranian National Association, Inc. to offer you and your family the following Complimentary Discount Savings Benefits:

You can also purchase either of the PlatinumRx Savings Programs at substantially reduced pricing. All Benefits cover the entire Household!

We have contracted with several providers to create the PlatinumRx Plus and PlatinumRx Premier Discount Programs. We are confident that these programs will assist with your medical needs, as well as every day savings.

The PlatinumRx programs offer significant savings on out-of-pocket medical expenses. Our cost savings program gives members access to the same pre-negotiated lowered rates similar to what insurance companies receive.

The PlatinumRx Plus Discount Program consists of the following components:

The PlatinumRx Premier Discount Program consists of the following components: